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NEWS RST detection

Postby drchoffnes on Thu Sep 11, 2008 2:49 pm

As of NEWS version 0.9.5, we have added code for detection possible ISP interference from TCP RST messages. At this early stage, the detection is EXPERIMENTAL and works only on Windows machines.

Because ISP interference is a heated issue, we want to clarify what it means when NEWS detects something wrong with TCP RSTs. In the current implementation, NEWS can only see that TCP RSTs have increased, but not precisely which connections saw them. So if you're Web browsing while using Vuze, it's entirely possibly that your natural Web traffic will cause perfectly normal RST messages. In this case, NEWS might show a warning about an increase in TCP RST messages that is completely unrelated to ISP interference. The number of these false alarms is reduced because NEWS must see other problems with your BT performance before raising a warning; however, you may still see a false alert.

So, in short, TCP RST alerts are experimental and are not definitive proof of ISP interference. We're currently working to refine RST detection and expand it to other popular OSes.
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