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Advanced settings

Postby drchoffnes on Sat Jun 21, 2008 9:22 pm

Here's some more details for the advanced settings section of the NEWS plugin. Please note that unless NEWS seems to be detecting too many network problems or too few, you should leave the settings alone. We are constantly evaluating the effectiveness of NEWS in the wide area, and we will release new versions to tune its performance. If you enable advanced settings, you will miss out on some of these updated features.

Sensitivity: This controls how sensitive NEWS is to changes in performance. If you set this to low, you may not detect network problems at all; if it is set too high, you may be inundated with false warnings about network problems. Generally, you should change this only if you are seeing too many false warnings.

Number of data sources: This determines how many types of information are used to detect network problems. Similar to the previous setting, this helps control false warnings. The more data sources you use, the higher the likelihood that a detected network problem is actually real. Choosing a value that is too high, however, may prevent NEWS from detecting all real network problems. Again, you should generally leave this alone unless you suspect that the value is inappropriate for your network.

Corroboration level: NEWS detects problems locally and confirms them by corroborating with other peers in your area. This setting determines how many other local peers must see the same problem at the same time before a problem is confirmed. If there are few peers in your area, you may want to choose a lower value; similarly, if there are many peers you may want to choose a higher value.
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